Thursday, May 10, 2012


New Mexico

... The simple joys of land. More of what I do on land and no longer take for granted:

  • Use fast Internet. WOW.
  • Sit in a desk chair.
  • Heat up leftovers in a microwave.
  • Run gallons of water over the strawberries.
  • Leave a nightlight on, even if it doesn't keep boats from crashing into me at night.
  • Do laundry, right down the hall!


  1. Don't for get to jump on the bed.
    Open the refrigerator door.
    Check the mail (mailbox)
    Open every door & window just for fun! (Gia's suggestion)
    Run the vacuum cleaner!(It is Mother's Day!)
    Cook with the crock pot. (endless power)
    Have a drink WITH ice!
    Enjoy;) xoxo

  2. OK, you've talked me out of living aboard a boat. Great. Now what?

    1. There are certainly some trade-offs, far exceeded by the rewards!

  3. If you're in N.C., you could add these to the list:
    Mow the grass (it's rained a lot here this week)
    Consider how to water-proof the basement wall where it leaked after the heavy rain (see above)
    Grab a sweater for the morning dog walk (it's only in the 60s, after all)
    Read the posts of a sailor gone awol (at least for a while) and scratch head ... :-)

    Enjoy your time on dry land,

    1. AWOL for another 10 days or so. Chip's keeping the boat afloat in Fort Lauderdale.

      Sorry to hear about the basement. :-\ But enjoy that chill. Summer won't be far behind!