Saturday, June 23, 2012


Beaucouzé, France
Brioche. Ah, brioche.
Leave our boat for a month, and what do we do? Go kayaking in France.

Casey and Remi take their hosting duties seriously. They planned an elaborate weekend outing to meet Remi's parents and go kayaking -- and wine drinking -- on the Sévre & Maine river.

Remi's parents, Thierry (pronounced 'TEARy') and Evelyn ('ev-LEEN'), are sweet, generous, fun-loving folks who happen to love our daughter.

They speak very little English, so I'm in the midst of a total French immersion program -- on day three in France. Ouch. We struggle through and laugh a lot. I told them to talk to me as if I'm five-years-old, which works out just perfectly. I'm also trapped in present tense, no past, no future. I guess in French, you could say I'm Buddhist.

Evelyn & Thierry
The kayaking extravaganza was about an hour south of Evelyn and Theirry's in Beaucouzé. Here's the idea:

A is where Evelyn and Thierry live. B is where we went kayaking.
It was not difficult to see, from the very beginning, that this was a French event. Witness:

Now, THAT's a brioche.
They had beaucoup jams to try with the brioche while we waited for our kayaks.

We paddled, paddled, paddled down a beautiful, undeveloped river, weaving through trees, waterlilies and other kayakers, stopping intermittently to have wine, oysters, pastries and other treats while listening to live music. It was particularly amusing that one stop had a bluegrass band, French men singing in English(ish).

Remi, Casey and Dylan, always ahead of us...
How very French: A break from kayaking to smoke.
Chip looking magnifique.
Chip, Evelyn and Thierry. Cheers!

You get the idea. Good, good times, topped at the end by French karaoke.

And, yes, they got one "American" to sing along...

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