Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Brunswick, GA 31º9.270N | 81º29.975W

Farmer's market near our marina -- three days a week.
Would you be surprised to find out I miss some things about land life?

There are some overarching things I miss. Life on the move is (obviously) fun and adventurous, but occasionally, I see a group of old pals hanging out together at an outdoor festival and feel wistful. We are always tourists, everywhere we go. Next time you get annoyed at your posse for, well, being themselves, remember me and give them a big hug for being there, all the freaking time.

But mostly there are little creature comforts and conveniences I miss and being tied to land (sort of) at a marina makes me remember them.

Cara Mia tied up between two other Island Packets.
For instance, at the marina, we have free laundry about a one-block walk from the boat. This might sound terribly inconvenient when you have a washer and dryer down the hall, but for us, the proximity is amazing -- and free? Now that's something to write home -- or blog about.

We now have a trash can at the end of the dock. No more shlepping bags for miles in search of an accessible dumpster (many are locked) or a public trash can big enough to make a deposit -- with nobody watching.

There's a faucet right there on the dock with free flowing, free water, clean and inexhaustible. Cara Mia had her first bath in ages (except for the rain). Conversely, we are using less water since there are showers a short walk away.

My bike is locked on the dock. No scrounging in the bottom of a locker, heaving it out, getting it off the boat into the dinghy, onto shore and unfolding it. Just unlock, hop on and ride away.

We are now plugged into shore power for the first time since last summer -- continuous power to charge computers and run the air conditioning! That means we no longer have to monitor our usage, the batteries and solar charging, never have to turn off the fridge or run the generator.

These are all things I have quite willingly traded for life onboard, but that doesn't mean I don't revel in them when they are available. And this is a pale, short list compared to what I would miss about cruising if I moved onto land.

I realize it is the human condition to become conditioned. Soon enough I will be taking these land luxuries things for granted yet again, perhaps even complaining at the long walk to the laundry.

But not today!

And how a quick break from taking your own luxuries for granted: Go hug your washing machine!

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