Monday, June 18, 2012


Chip, off to the dentist.
After our visit to the emergency clinic yesterday, we knew our trip to Paris was in the balance. The doctor thought Chip had an abscessed tooth. Would they be able to treat it in time for us to fly tomorrow?

There's a dentist at the end of the marina parking lot (!), and we were waiting on his doorstep when he opened this morning at 8 a.m.

It started out all gloomy.

"No way you'll be able to fly tomorrow if it's abscessed," the assistant said. "We're not even sure if the doctor can see you. We're booked solid."

We begged for a diagnosis at least, so we would know what to do. Georgians are so nice. They squeezed him in for an X-ray.

I emailed the airline about canceling from the waiting room.

By 9 a.m., we knew that it was not abscessed, it was cracked and infection had set in. The tooth needed to be pulled.

During the X-ray, another patient cancelled their root canal. Magical opening for a tooth to be pulled! And, even better news: He can fly tomorrow!

We went back to the boat, cautiously optimistic, waiting for the dentist to call when there was an empty seat.

At 10:00, Chip was off to get the offending tooth yanked.

By 11:00, he was home and suffering, but pain meds kicked in by 1 o'clock. The swelling is starting to go down, with the help of an ice pack.

It's not a great start, but Paris, here we come...

Allons y!!!

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