Friday, December 6, 2013


Annapolis, MD

Cara Mia peeking out from behind a little blue boat.
The winter sun cut across the water, casting our sweet girl, Cara Mia, in warm, gold light. She was looking spectacular.

We put the last of our belongings on a dock cart and took a moment to tell her goodbye. She will be left in the hands of our broker as we take a four-month driving tour of the U.S. Will she still be ours when we return? Nobody knows.

Just in case, we told her goodbye.

A bittersweet moment for us, leaving her behind as we plan for our next big adventure -- the one we haven't announced yet. In the meantime, we are setting off on a cruise across the U.S. by car, departure as soon as we have a weather window.

That yellow line is our path.
Seriously. Do you think Chris Parker does land routing?

So buckle up, folks, and get ready for plodding in land paradise. There are surprises ahead.

Goodbye, East Coast. Take care of our beautiful girl.


  1. It's difficult to say goodbye to your faithful boat; we know but love living in Vero Beach and being a CLOD.

    1. SO hard. There's something mysterious about boats.