Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Shawnee, OK, to Amarillo, TX | 297 miles
35.195 N | 101.87 N

There are signs that we've reached the west, cowboys in restaurants, people saying things like, "one a y'all" and "I might could." They pronounce again, agin and say tee-un for 10. They don't have accidents here. They have wrecks.

Today at a truck stop Chip found my favorite southwestern treat, a Goodart's peanut patty! Yee haw!

When we passed through OK City, it was in the 20s. No wonder it's so cold. They have all the fans running.

Hundreds of them!

Not long after we entered Texas, Chip yelled, "Tumbleweed!" LOL

We passed incredible arroyos that are hard to photograph at 70 mph.

And finally, after three days averaging over 400 miles a day, we were so tired, we decided to...

...in Amarillo. Yeah, we're really tired. (You'll understand that if you've been to Amarillo.)

Off to Albuquerque and family tomorrow!

G'night, y'all.


  1. Hi guys - Safe travels in 'Terra Mia'.... and enjoy your family time!

    Mad & Skip
    s/v Saralane

  2. Madeleine! It's SO GREAT to hear from you! I need to catch up on your blog. Hope you are well and happy. <3 --Tammy

  3. Amarillo is a great place to stop and rest. Amarillo is best seen with your eyes closed.