Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Jackson, TN to Shawnee, OK | 523 miles
35.384 N | 96.910 W

Approaching the land of the green chile!!!
Early this morning, Chip asked me about passing through Memphis on I-40.

"We're not going through Memphis," I said.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

I was sure. I looked every day at GoogleMaps to plan our route. Unfortunately GoogleMaps seems to think Memphis is Cordova. LOL

Well, Memphis means Graceland, right? I also realized this morning that we were passing within 80 miles of Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Arkansas, where Georgia O'Keeffe's art collection is now on display.

As we approached Cordova, I mean Memphis, time was slipping away. We had to choose between Elvis and Georgia. I figured there's a good chance of being back in Memphis, little chance of being in Fort Smith again. We passed on through Cordova and into Arkansas.

A few unfortunate stops, some clogged roadways, and, as we approached the turnoff to Crystal Bridges, I could see we weren't going to make it to the museum either -- and it is closed tomorrow. Sigh. No Elvis. No Georgia.

We passed silently into Oklahoma.

Oklahoma doesn't offer much on I-40 before OK City, so we pressed on, right up to sunset and stopped in Shawnee where the temperature is plummeting into the teens tonight. BRRR.

In compensation for our sad near misses, the sun welcomed us to the land of the big sky.



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