Thursday, June 2, 2011


Spanish Cay, Abacos, Bahamas 26º56.4N | 77º31.9W

We hop, hop, hopped today, a 3-hour sail to Spanish Cay. I was dragging my line in the water, like I do, when the line zipped out about 30 yards. The second I picked up the pole, I could tell it was a darn barracuda. The two edible fish I've caught were feisty but relatively easy to reel in. Barracudas are warriors.

I fought it long enough to bring it up near the boat, so Chip could 1) take a picture and 2) cut the line. Darn barracudas.

Spanish Cay will be our last stop before our last stop. We'll stay here until we have some clarity on the weather window for crossing the Gulf Stream, because once we get to our FINAL last stop, Great Sale, we won't have phone or internet connection. We'll have to rely solely on the SSB for the latest.

At least Spanish Cay has a nice little bar. 'Nice.' Have a look at the restaurant.

We ate at home.

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