Thursday, June 16, 2011


Charleston, SC 32º47.351N | 79º55.461W

Night on the town with Kaleo and Jessie Marie.
One of those questions I was asking the last post was readily answered here in Charleston.

For instance, how long until we plug in our power cord...

I was practically standing on the bow with the shore power plug in hand as we pulled in this slip at Charleston Maritime Center. It is H-O-T, and I was ready for some A.-C.

After plugging in, I spent the next hour crawling around in the hatches reattaching the air conditioning ducts, working up a good sweat in the process, making that frigid air all the more lovely once it started flowing. Welcome to summer in the U.S.

It is good to be back in this city we love. I've already written an Ode to Charleston, a place we bookmarked for our return trip.

When we were in Charleston last November, I had some inkling of the rich community of water people who share the cruising life, but I did not realize we had barely begun to string the necklace of lifelong friends we would gather on this inaugural voyage. These fellow travelers laugh with us at the foibles of cruising life, celebrate happy moments and sometimes tears with us, lend us a hand if needed (often) and keep an eye on us when necessary (always).

And now on our return trip, our love of Charleston has an added dimension with the companionship of these new friends. Two slips to starboard are Karen & Dale on Jessie Marie, who we haven't seen since our last stop in the Bahamas. Three slips to port are Matt & Christie on Kaleo, who we have been chasing but haven't seen since we were all in Long Island in March.

On this trip north, as we slowly make our way toward home waters, it would be easy to focus on what we left behind, but instead, our new friends remind us of how very much we have gained along the way.

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