Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Charleston, SC 32º46.832N | 79º57.599W

As I slowly re-acclimate to being back in the U.S., it is clear to me that I have changed. Six months in the Bahamas has taught me to use my time and resources much more prudently than I did when I lived on land -- or even when living onboard in the U.S.  This leaves me wondering ...

How long will I conserve water like it's gold?

How long will I resist the ever present Internet, leaving my laptop to be the occasional novelty, not an appendage?

How long will I go without consuming and taking on the attendant emotional burden of daily news?

How long will I appreciate the bounty of strawberries, avocados, melons and dark chocolate, available everywhere, any time?

And how long will I eat only when I'm hungry and not because it's there?

How long until we "plug in" our power cord -- physically and metaphorically -- leave our green habits behind?

How long will I practice one lesson learned from the sweet people of the Bahamas: look people in the eye and greet them kindly?

And most importantly, how long will I maintain the gentle pace of Bahamian life, resist the frenetic energy and hurry-up pulse of daily life in our country?

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  1. Hopefully a long time. I'm trying to deprogram myself from all of that while still being here (US). It's not easy...