Friday, June 10, 2011


Ponce Inlet, Florida 29º03.658N | 80º55.834W

A scene along the Florida ICW.
Our first 24 hours in the U.S. were a whirlwind of activity, starting with a good old scrub-down for Cara Mia. For the first time since we left Miami in January, we reveled in FREE WATER, hosing, washing and rewashing the deck, the hull and spraying everything in sight. Then off to the showers and more free water!

Realizing our pantry was close to empty -- as were those prescriptions -- we decided to lay over a day in Cape Canaveral to take care of business. We rented a car and threw ourselves into the fray. The traffic moves so fast -- and on the "wrong" side of the road!

First impressions:

  1. Wow, everyone's in such a hurry.
  2. Why aren't people greeting each other and making eye contact?
  3. The stores are immaculate, brightly lit, full and perfect. Everything is SO proper!
We spent about 30 minutes in Publix grocery store before being overcome with sensory overload. So much food. So many choices. So many colors and shapes and sounds, but oddly, no smells.

Exhausted by a full day of brushing with "our people," we untied the lines and took off this morning on the ICW. We made a short passage inside to get some chores done underway and get our new purchases safely stowed before heading offshore again tomorrow, another 24-hour passage from Ponce to Cumberland Island on the Florida/Georgia state line.

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