Friday, June 17, 2011


Charleston, SC 32º47.351N | 79º55.461W

Middleton Place plantation
I knew I would hate visiting a plantation, celebrating a grotesque history of human enslavement, but I agreed to go anyway. It was beautiful. I hated it.

There we were, white people walking the beautiful grounds built and maintained by enslaved black people.

At one point we passed a black employee raking the grass.

Now, I know in our politically correct thinking that we can't discriminate in hiring, but come on. Can't we exclusively hire white people to clip the grass on a southern plantation?

To further insult me, they charged $37 (a whopping $74 for both of us) to enter the grounds and have a tour of the 'house,' which turns out be a gentlemen's guest house, not the main house where the white, privileged family lived. That one burned down.

Okay, screed interrupted. The place was pretty. Here are some photos.

Fun and games.

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