Saturday, February 2, 2013


New York

Travel feeds the soul. This week hockey was on the menu -- my first game. We're getting our chill on before sailing to the Bahamas later this month.

Bonnie, Lindsey, Angel (in a Devils jersey, just sayin') and me.

Da boys, Carl, John and Chip.
Da beautiful girls, Lindsey and Kate.

I walked into the arena and saw three, or was it four points scored in the first few minutes -- and then the Devil came right up next to me. Is it always this exciting?

The game went into overtime, but alas, "our" Devils lost.

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  1. Sheeps, nearly alone in the arena, hoping, maybe, that if he looks hard enough and long enough he can take the feeling with him? That sort of works and sort of doesn't. The photo very does.