Sunday, February 10, 2013


New York

Today's plan: pack the belongings we've spent a whole month scattering about the apartment, for tomorrow, we head back to the boat.

By noon, I'd done nothing more than run a load of laundry and peer out the window at the Manhattan skyline reflecting brilliantly in the Hudson River.

"Let's go into the city and see a show," I said.

At 2:06, less than two hours later, we emerged into the multi-sensory explosion that is Times Square.

With tickets in hand for the matinee showing of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof starring Scarlett Johansson, we headed across the square to get a hot dog -- but not before being accosted by the famous (infamous?) Naked Cowboy.

We took our seats in the theater less than three hours after the thought crossed my mind. As we waited for the lights to go down, I did a doubletake as a man in a tacky knit cap walked in front of me. Was that Liam Neeson? Indeed. (#photofail)

He graciously stepped into the wings to have his photo taken with one of the floor staff. Nice.

We left the theater (review to come) and reentered Times Square after dark. Well, "dark" brighter than daylight. I started snapping photos and, looking at the tiny screen on the camera, I said, what's that green blob? LOL Best. Photobomb. Ever.

I heart New York.

Bags still unpacked.


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  1. We were in Times Square last December and Hans took me to see the Rockettes Christmas show. I didn't see the Naked Cowboy but I did see a very pretty girl walking down the street in curlers and a very short bath robe (?)! I guess it's a good thing Hans wasn't with me at that point or he might have wanted his picture taken with her ;-)