Sunday, February 17, 2013


St. Augustine

How to keep parts from flying overboard.
St. Augustine is a lovely place to be stuck. Stuck indeed.

After Day One and Day Two belowdecks, we went toward the light. Our plan was to remove the winch above the deck, allowing us to drop the motor from above.

Chip started on it, and by the time I got up there, he had the first five pieces removed. WOW! Good omen. Then he got to this one, and it was s-t-u-c-k.

I went on a provisioning run. When I got back he had it off.

Then there was this bronze piece:

Stuck like my mind on the Bahamas.

Many hours and three consultations* later, there she stands. Really? A bronze ring away?

(That silver plate would come off next, exposing the four bolts holding the casing and motor below deck.)

Tomorrow is another effing day.

*Special thanks to Joe on s/v Kajon for phoning in moral support.

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