Friday, February 8, 2013


New York

Chip observing the WTC in progress from Jersey City.
Slow travel. It's what we love. And in New York, it doesn't get any slower. We walk everywhere, drinking in the colors and textures of the city, and sometimes the freezing cold.

I love New York, but that's not why I tagged along on Chip's work trip. A lot of old friends -- and some new little ones live here. So, while I've been busy getting some writing done, I've been enjoying a series of reunions.

My high school classmate Beverly and I hadn't seen each other since the '70s. Gasp.
And, of course, I'd never met her daughter Emily from Nepal. Thanks, Facebook!
Good times with my old pal, Jim Brady.
But where are Joan and the beagles?!?!
More Post reunion with Corones, Peyton and Jeffrey
-- and my first time to meet Miles.

Can you stand it? The Post just keeps giving back.
Libby, Danylo and little Olive.
Chip with his first girlfriend Linda ....
... who married Chip's awesome cousin Carl.
I do love New York.

A squall over the city.
Cars drawing crop circles in the snow under my window.

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  1. Crop Circles - amazing. Can't stop looking at it. And Chip has the Solemn Man photo well in hand, as always.