Monday, February 25, 2013


Palm Beach, FL N26º49.62 W 80º3.53

Windlass fixed: CHECK
Rigging finished: CHECK
Bottom and prop clean: CHECK
Grill sold: CHECK
Provisioning: CHECK
Fall and get a horrible bruise: CHECK (that was me)

With this huge to-do list done, we finally untied from the dock in St. Augustine, we three, me, Chip and our friend John visiting from D.C. He rode with us this far and is now flying back north.

In the meantime, here's how our hopping went.

Day one: St. Augustine to Rockhouse Creek, 9 hours, 39 minutes

John got his first helm lesson: How to stay on course in one easy step. The ICW is a long straight stretch through here.

Day Two: Rockhouse Creek to Eau Gallie, 11 hours, 33 minutes

Today's highlights included a right turn, executed beautifully by our assistant helmsman, and a mini pirate ship.

Day Three: Eau Gallie to Jensen Beach, 10 hours, 57 minutes

South, south, south into southerly winds. This Jensen Beach anchorage is tres shallow. Enter at your own risk.

Day Four: Jensen Beach to North Palm Beach Marina, 6 hours, 45 minutes

We violated one of our own rules: Don't travel on the ICW on weekends. It was a zoo getting through Jupiter inlet and all its bridges, recreational boats buzzing around like flies. Thank goodness it was only a few hours.

John is leaving us here. Our days were filled with great conversation, good food and our evenings with delicious cocktails. Fun, fun times.

John heads north. We continue heading south.

Bahamas, here we come!

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