Sunday, December 26, 2010


Coconut Grove, Miami, FL 25º43.532N | 80º14.193W

Merry Cara Mia Christmas!

It is hard to measure how very much we have to be thankful for this year as we have successfully made our way to Miami and anticipate our next stop: The Bahamas. Our new life is bitterly sweet as we embrace the joys of cruising and reel from the loss of a dear, dear friend Dale just two days ago.

Christmas has smiled on us, leaving awesome cruising friends in our stockings, Karen and Dale (yes, just as my old friend Dale was taken away, the universe has brought me another one).

A makeshift Cara Mia tree, guaranteed not to topple.
It was our turn to show them our own Christmas traditions, however goofy. Sure enough we issued our guests their Christmas socks, and in a long-standing family tradition, took photos thereof.

Christmas feet!
We ate, we laughed, we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original TV version with the voice of Boris Karloff).

And to top off a perfect day with a perfect ending, Chip played the guitar and sang for us. The crowd went wild.

Christmas Day is in our grasp So long as we have hands to clasp
Welcome Christmas. Bring your cheer. Welcome all who's far and near.

Thank you for coming along on this adventure with us. We love you one and all.

Tammy & Chip

Coconut Grove, Miami, FL 25º43.532N | 80º14.193W

Happiness is an inaugural offshore passage.

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