Sunday, December 5, 2010


St. Augustine, FL 29º53.153N | 81º18.319W

Sunrise south of St. Augustine
I had a few words with that damned mooring ball in St. Augustine before I released it this morning at 7:05, not patient enough to wait for sunrise.

The reasons are not clear to me yet, but we've noticed a definite trend about cruising life: if we stay stationary for more than three days, we get restless, but the second the hull starts moving through the water, the restlessness just completely evaporates. We're suddenly productive and motivated to take on the world, almost giddy.

My fears of yesterday seem long ago and clearly overblown, but as first-time cruisers, we go through various stages of excitement, worry, joy, fear, confidence and lack thereof, all in the normal course of setting off on a new adventure. We are living a dream, not a daydream.

I remember telling our daughter as she was leaving for France last year, terrified, that nothing worth doing comes without fear. The greater the challenge, the greater the fear. Never let fear keep you from chasing your dream.

I do not view fear as a negative thing, just another element that must be harnessed, learned from, put in its proper perspective. It is normal to experience fear, cowardly not to admit it and foolish not to take its lessons.

We pulled into a marina in Daytona midafternoon -- into a slip coincidentally right beside friends from the Outer Banks who now live here. The four of us had a blast watching the Christmas boat parade from the bar next to the marina, one of those happy serendipitous moments of life on the water.

Daytona, FL 29º12.309N | 81º00.878W

Fishing boats heading north at sunrise.    ©2010 Tammy Kennon

Beautiful homes along the ICW.

Awesome trailer park sharing the same view with the mansions.


  1. Haha that trailer park is just so Florida -- that same juxtaposition lives throughout the state, I believe.

  2. haha! Trailer parks and mansions all in the same sentance. I bet that was a fun town hall meeting. :)