Sunday, December 12, 2010


Vero Beach, FL 27º39.389N | 80º22.256W
Laundry on the dinghy davits.
Cruising life holds many simple pleasures. One of them is the appreciation of clean laundry -- and the realization that the dinghy davits make a great clothesline.

Another is the uncluttered time shared with new friends, like the happy hour drift with Deb & Joe from Kajon.

What's happy hour drift? We didn't know either.

First you raft up your dinghies.

Then you motor -- one of you -- to the far end of the anchorage against the current, turn off the motor and drift, looking at boats, waving at your neighbors, talking and laughing.

Several boaters, including SeaTow, asked us if we needed a tow. We offered to let them raft up with us. They all declined.

Their loss.

Vero Beach, FL 27º39.389N | 80º22.256W

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