Thursday, December 2, 2010


St. Augustine, FL 29º53.153N | 81º18.319W

View from our mooring on an unusually calm day at slack tide.
Dinghy dock not even visible from here.
Remember that safe mooring ball we tied to this week? Well, it's been a pain in our stern, or technically, Cara Mia's bow. The current here is swift and shifts four times a day. So no matter which direction the wind is blowing, at least half the day, the wind and current are at odds causing the mooring ball to slap, slap, slap, knock, knock, knock and sometimes BANG, BANG, BANG on the hull.

Imagine a loud midnight BANG, BANG on a hollow fiberglass hull right beside your head. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Alarming and not very restful.

Add to that the one-mile dinghy ride to shore in the same wind and current, and I have to say, it's been less than ideal, especially when we stay out late and ride back in the freezing cold searching for the boat in a big mooring field. Brrrrr.

On one of those late-night treks, we ran out of gas. Fortunately the tide was not too strong, and we had a full gas can aboard. I held an oar to fend us off anything we might hit while Chip filled the tank. No harm and a good laugh.

So, anyway, that recalibration of my thoughts on "safe" and "peaceful" mooring balls got me thinking about how many things in my life are shifting.

For instance, a good hair day now means a day when I can raise and lower the anchor without my hair blinding me.

A long day's travel is 50 miles.

Hot water is an unexpected luxury.

A short walk is one mile. A long walk is 4+ hours.

A shower within one block is really close.

Sunrises are meant to be watched.

Three nights in one town is equivalent to citizenship.

Water is a precious commodity not to be squandered.

"Old" friends are the ones we met two ports ago.

A nice outfit is one that's clean.

Clean clothes are those worn only twice.

I never really believed that cleanliness is next to Godliness, but I now firmly believe that clean laundry is next to heaven.

St. Augustine, FL 29º53.153N | 81º18.319W

Cara Mia and the mooring ball, playing nicely -- for now.


  1. cera mia we'er lol with tears in our eys. kajon

  2. Hi guys! Thought I'd catch up on the blog and say hi! Sounds like you've got the hang of it!
    Don't miss the Lightner Museum in St.Aug right near Flagler College!
    Glad you got to see Cumberland Is. .... your first photo is awesome and captures it perfectly!!
    Pretty cold up here now...about to tear your old dock out! All best for the holidays and fair winds & happy motoring!!

  3. Great to hear from you, George! Hope all is well on the home front. Tell everybody we said HI. We miss you all!