Monday, December 6, 2010


Daytona, FL 29º12.309N | 81º00.878W

Chip, me, Crystal and Ed.
It's reconnection week on Cara Mia, and with the holiday season upon us, it makes us extra thankful to hook up with family -- "family."

When Chip moved from Hackensack to Ramsey as a freshman in high school, he was standing outside the fence watching the football team practice. Ed, who we now know scoops up the whole world in his fun-loving embrace, ran over to the fence, and said, "You wanna play?"

That was the start of a friendship that thrives to this day, even though as the years have passed and families grown, they haven't seen each other often. Once again, though, it's one of those friendships that picks up with the next sentence, the last joke, the perpetual laugh.

Ed is a blast. Crystal is a treasure. A good, long day together.

As an added bonus to an already full day, our friend, G.W., the one from the Outer Banks on the dock next to us, spent two hours poring over charts, sharing tips on trekking the ICW south and crossing to the Bahamas. All good boat juju must be passed on. Thanks, G.W.

Friendship is life's most valuable commodity.

Daytona, FL 29º12.309N | 81º00.878W

ED! Stop talking so I can take a picture.
Ed, you're still talking!
Now, we're talking!

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  1. Nice job on te commentary Tam'. It was so great to see you both and yes it was still so familiar even after 7 years. Hopefully, it won't be that long til the next time. " Can you say "Its better in the Bahama's" ? Thats what I'm talking a bout! Love you both, "The treasure". (loved that, by the way.) Thank you xoxoxo Be safe