Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Vero Beach, FL 27º39.389N | 80º22.256W

The moon rafted up with three masts in Vero.   ©2010 Tammy Kennon
As we motored into the mooring field at Vero Beach, a dinghy came speeding up to us bearing two smiling, waving people.

"Where in the Outer Banks?"

It was Al and his daughter Jenny from Ocracoke in the Outer Banks, whose catamaran Sea Jay is rafted up with Ming, the Zen master we followed back in October.

Beautiful Ming.   ©2010 Tammy Kennon
Cara Mia is now rafted up next to Okemah Rose, the boat I photographed in Fernandina Beach in the path of a derelict sailboat dragging anchor.

Two boats ahead of us is Attitude bearing our friend Ray who had his boat three docks down from us back home in Manteo, NC.

On down the way is Jessie Marie waiting for Karen and Dale's return from California. Across the water are Kajon and Glenice, moored together with all our friends onboard.

Today we finally met Captain Neal on Ming. Always the philosopher, when I asked how long he was staying, he captured the allure of this place that many call "Velcro" Beach.
"I don't know how long I'll stay. It's all about the people." 
Vero Beach, FL 27º39.389N | 80º22.256W

Okemah Rose and Cara Mia rafted up.  ©2010 Tammy Kennon
©2010 Tammy Kennon

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