Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Titusville, FL 28º37.272N | 80º48.607W

The sirens of Titusville tried to keep us. Many folks we met in St. Mary's landed in the marina in Titusville this week -- a good week to be plugged into shore power with the weather dipping into the 30s. The marina was offering three nights for the price of two, music to cruisers' ears. But if you stay two nights, how could you not stay three?

We considered all these enticements but decided to leave anyway thinking we had seen the worst of the cold yesterday. We were so wrong.

Even though our usual departure time is 7 a.m., we pushed it back to almost 9 to allow the sun to do a little business. Pretty much, we regretted our decision before we were in the channel.

When we left the dock, it was 33º, and the wind was blowing 15, gusting to 22 mph. FYI, that's really freakin' cold out on the water and felt much colder than yesterday.

The photo above is the only one of the passage. At one point, I hung a fleece blanket behind my head and wrapped another one around my legs. We traded shifts every 90 minutes, because that's as long as we could stand being out in the cold.

We happily pulled into the Eau Gallie River in Melbourne at 1:30...

...and tried to anchor near our friends on Zero to Cruising. However, we plowed around and couldn't find any deep water, ending up in a marina at the end of the lagoon, where the heat pump is making us very happy.

Two nights here, and on to Vero Beach.

Melbourne, FL 28º07.349N | 80º37.793W

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