Thursday, March 22, 2012


Marathon, FL 24º42.366N | 81º5.669W

Team Dogfish Head
The first chapter of the book I'm writing about cruising is titled, "I Know Squat." Even it were just a list of the things I now know that I didn't know, it would be a book on its own. For example, when I started out cruising, I thought it would be a solitary undertaking, you know, me and Chip wandering about on our own. If you've been reading along since the beginning of this blog, you know this is almost laughably wrong. We were not 48 hours into cruising before we started making new friends on the water, friends that have wandered in and out of our lives for the last year and half. (Speaking of them, I recently updated the Blog Log of our new waterborne friends.)

I'm so happy to be wrong.

We met Dale and Karen on Jessie Marie only two weeks after leaving home, and they have been all over this blog since then, our constant fellow adventurers for more than a year when we parted waves in early January. As I mentioned last week, they totally surprised us by 'popping in' from Cuba.

We're cramming in good times with them before Cara Mia points north and Jessie Marie heads back out (unless we can entice them to come with us). Ideally, all our sail plans will bring us back together somewhere in the Caribbean next year.

The boats are slow and the Caribbean is big, but so far Jessie Marie and Cara Mia have proven quite capable of showing up in the same harbor!

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