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Let's get back to work -- on our relationship, that is.

It all started on Valentine's Day: HAPPY WHAT? Although we got this book back in December and have been diligently working since then. (See below for links to my posts about the previous exercises.)

Exercise #4 is called Childhood Frustrations, and, fortunately, it is an exercise you can do on your own (no fighting potential). You start by making a column on the left side of a page listing your greatest frustrations when you were a child, such as not enough attention from your father or mother being overly protective. Then on the right you list how you responded to those frustrations.

For example, one of my frustrations as a child in a small house with five other people was feeling crowded and not having enough personal space. My response was to go off into my own imagination and play alone.

Your responses in the right column are labeled E.

Apparently we will use this information later, I'm guessing about repeating patterns...

Do you find it interesting that someone who grew up feeling crowded and not having enough space would move onto a small boat with another person, she says as she plays alone on her computer.

At least the backyard is big.

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