Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Marathon, FL 24º42.366N | 81º5.669W

Our poor dinghy, also known as Your Mom, has been neglected. We inherited Your Mom (not named that) when we bought Cara Mia two years ago. She was already in borderline condition, but now, well, we've let her get just plain bedraggled. For every bit of TLC we give Cara Mia, we totally ignore the dinghy.

In some ways, I'm okay with that. Dinghy theft is always a worry, and I figure if our dinghy looks a mess, thieves will choose another one. However, I'm guessing few thieves would be interested in stealing a dinghy with a 3.5 HP motor. Even if they did, we could swim to catch them.

So, Your Mom is needing some attention and her repair list is long. The marina here has a crane to haul small boats, and they allow you to work on them onshore. A real luxury.

Your Mom's day is coming soon and the partial list includes:

--Clean the hypalon (after figuring out how to do so)
--Paint the hypalon
--Patch rough spots
--Replace u-bolts (three of them used to hoist and secure)
--Replace painter (the tether)
--Clean the floor and paint if necessary
--Clean bottom and put on coat of bottom paint
--Repair straps for securing oars
--Replace registration numbers
--Fix locking cooler
--Make engine strap
--Get and install throttle extension
--Put grate on floor

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