Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Marathon, FL 24º42.366N | 81º5.669W

No, that's not a gnome trying to break into the boat. It's called a Tru Plug.

It used to be that we all carried around an array of various sized wooden plugs like this:

(And, obviously, I still do.) The plugs are intended for use should an aptly named 'through hull' fail. Through hulls are intentional holes in the hull for either discharging something or pulling in sea water. If one ever comes out or leaks, you shove one of those wooden plugs in there to, you know, keep the boat from sinking.

But somebody invented that Tru Plug/gnome, which is flexible and fits any size hole. NOTE TO SELF: don't make a hole bigger than the Tru Plug.

Fortunately, we've never used it for its intended purpose. Instead, when it's chilly out, we use it to plug our vents to stop the wind from blowing in.

I'm pretty sure that Tru Plugs got their idea from here:

A more economical option. So, since we have more than one vent, no playing football when it's cold and windy!

In another unintended use, we have found that the coffee pot handle can keep the pot from flying about underway.

Somebody did tell us that necessity is invention's mom.


  1. Hahaha AWEsome. Especially the football. And the other stuff. Mmm-hmm.

  2. I remember that coffeepot saved my life once! Happy to see that you taking god care of her/him /El Gringo.

    1. It's our Viking! Great to hear from you. Are you still planning on sailing across the big ocean? Hope all is well up there in northern lands. We're going to be in Europe this summer ... want to meet us? xoxoxo