Saturday, March 3, 2012


Marathon, FL 24º42.366N | 81º5.669W

I have my ship
And all her flags are a flyin'
She is all that I have left
And music is her name.
Southern Cross, Stephen Stills, Richard Curtis and Michael Curtis

Of all the threads that bind us together, music is one of the most enduring -- and endearing.

Music made a 30-year arc this week in the Keys.

After several near misses over the years, we finally got together with Chip's friend from high school, Mike Dann, who plays music in Montauk, NY, in the summer and in the Keys in the winter.

Mike spent an evening with us on Cara Mia, reminiscing with Chip, filling in 30 years of blank pages. We ambled through tales of high school antics, aging parents, unrequited love and the finer details of harmonica theory. We talked and laughed into the night, shedding a few tears along the way.

Tonight, Chip and I took a one-hour bus ride to Sugarloaf to hear Mike play in the tiki hut at Sugarloaf Lodge. He is a sweet, sweet soul, and I could tell you that he has a sweet, sweet voice to match. I could also tell you that he and Chip played together as if the 30 years that have passed since their last gig was only 30 minutes. But I don't have to. Even on this crude video taken with my little underwater camera, you can hear for yourself.


  1. One of my ALL TIME favorite songs! I try really hard to play the harmonica, too, but I don't sound nearly as good as Chip. He'll have to give lessons someday!

  2. Tyler & Fingers back together again, NICE! If you see him again tell him the Mo-gician said "HI!"

  3. Woohooo Chip!!!!Thanks for the video Tammy,we felt like we were there with u guys. It was so awesome Chip was able to hook up with his highschool friend....lifes goood guys!!!

  4. Oooops...
    Anonymous is Deb & Joe aboard KAJON

  5. Love this so much!! Thanks to Tammy for her beautiful writing and thanks to Chip and Mike(ster) for their beautiful music!!😘🌹 Melissa Dann