Sunday, March 4, 2012


Marathon, FL 24º42.366N | 81º5.669W

UPDATE: March 18
The marina has included tile for the showers in its new budget still waiting approval by the City Council. Perhaps there will be improvements soon! Somebody send me new photos when that happens....

In Boot Key Harbor, cruisers host a morning gab session on the VHF called The Net. Announcements, introductions, goodbyes, buy/sell/trade, trivia. It's lighthearted and fun. Usually.

This week there's been some snarking about the condition of the bathrooms at the city marina -- the bathrooms associated with the moorings here. Some think they are hideous and unsanitary. Others say they've "seen worse."

I'd love to start a website that have photos of marina bathrooms and showers. It would be great to know in making selections. Here's the first round. You make the call.

Marathon City Marina

These photos make it look slightly worse than the reality. There is always plenty of hot water, and the fixtures, and shower curtains are relatively clean.

But I wonder where those who've seen worse did their time? Would you shower here?


  1. OMG! Wow things sure have changed since we were there, everything was brand new. I'd stick to showering onboard, ick!

    1. Yes, ick. I have showered in there but only wearing shower shoes. I know it's psychological, but they seem worse since someone pointed out how bad they are. LOL

  2. It really looks more typical to me so I am not put off. But an idea comes to mind, I think the cruisers should by the paint and go to it. One or two afternoons and it looks great again. Think of all the good will from the city marina. In fact, start a new trend throughout cruiserdom that each boat should volunteer 8 hours a year doing some form of this for businesses that cater to the sailor. Start a website to keep track, organize and post photos.

    Cruiserdom, especially sailing cruisers, need the good will and it'll make some of the places that cater to you-all do more to please.

    PS That way, by the time Dana and I cast off, we'll get the red carpet treatment wherever we go!

    1. That is exactly where the VHF conversation went. A lot of volunteers. Someone was going to ask the marina if they would buy the paint. Some question also of liability, but I haven't heard the outcome. The main concern was the raw concrete, which is, to say the least, unsanitary. A valid point.

      Traveling down the ICW, even though we try to avoid marinas, we have certainly been in a lot of them. The condition of the bathrooms and showers vary greatly. The best I've seen: St. Augustine Municipal Marina (Florida).

  3. Most FL landfills have free paint.