Saturday, April 21, 2012


As we dinghied toward the ICW yesterday, we drove under the bow of a monster, megayacht. Seven Seas, it turns out is the $200 million personal vessel of director Steven Spielberg.

This 282-foot beast can be chartered for $1.3 mil -- a week.

It's difficult to capture in a photo just how extra large that boat is. Those two boats behind it in the above photo are 'normal' megayachts. Behind Seven Seas is a two-story building with a rooftop restaurant where folks were probably wishing Mr. Spielberg would at least show one of his movies on the side of the boat to compensate them for utterly obstructing their view.

When we reached the 'other side' of the ICW, we were curious to see standup paddle boarders paddling around with laundry baskets attached to their boards. We stopped to ask, what's up? They had attached nets to their paddles and were scooping litter out of the water. (Unfortunately my photos didn't come out. I'll try to catch them again.)

"Are you volunteers?" I asked.

"No, volunteering is P.R.," one woman said. "We're just doing this, because we want to."

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  1. I want to paddle board around and pick up litter! What a cool way to live, can't wait to get there!