Friday, April 27, 2012


Chip spoke to a class at Warren Wilson College in Asheville yesterday. Actually, the class was in Asheville. Chip spoke to them from the boat via Skype.

We have visited Warren Wilson College several times and both wish we could go to school there! It is a fascinating concept. As they say on their website: "You'll learn by doing, through caring and while following a personal passion. This is learning that lasts." They take a much larger approach to education than sitting in a classroom. They teach people to think, to be aware of the bigger world and deeper meaning, including a focus on sustainability and helping their students find "meaningful work." A beautiful thought.

Our 'third kid' Brett is in his final semester there and asked Chip to speak to his class about our life onboard.

The class, in Warren Wilson's business department, is Simple Living and its impact on the planet and our society.

Chip reports that the students had excellent and thoughtful questions, including what would happen if everyone went off the grid, like we've done. They asked about solar power, health, relationships, how we got started and how they could do what we do on land.

They touched on life, science, religion, music and philosophy, all of Chip's favorite subjects.

So, welcome Warren Wilson students! I hope you'll enjoy our simple trek and reading about us simply living.

If you're interested in how we arranged our lives to do this, have a look at our original blog,, the first post, called Off the Grid, was written in July 2008, two years and three months before we left the dock.

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Fair winds!

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