Friday, April 20, 2012


Okay, now I'm obsessed with these nautical words and phrases that have made their way into common usage. Check these out.

Under the weather: A sailor standing watch on the weather (wind and wave) side of the bow, getting pounded by wind and spray, was the dude 'under the weather.'

Toe the line: When called to attention, sailors had to line up their toes on a seam in the deck planking.

Clean slate: The ship's watch keeper chalked speed, distance, wind, etc., on a slate. At the end of his watch, he wiped it so the next shift started with a 'clean slate.'

Pipe down: At the end of the day, the bosun pipe's the final signal for lights out and silence onboard.

Overbearing: Sailing downwind at another boat, stealing their wind.

Enough for now. Great stuff!

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