Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Habibi's computer table.

It's Habibi day here on Cara Mia. Rahel and Marco are the nicest people we've never met. Yes, you read that right. We've never met them.

They contacted us through this blog last year when they bought an Island Packet 380, just like Cara Mia, from our same awesome broker, Michele at Gratitude in Rock Hall, Maryland. They too are young, even younger than we are. And if that's not already enough in common, Cara Mia is 'my beloved' in Italian. Habibi means 'my beloved' in Arabic (Rahel and Marco are Swiss, but they lived for several years in the Middle East).

So, we've kept in touch and compared notes on cruising and Island Packet 380s. Since we stayed in the U.S. this year, they sped way past us and are now on their way from St. Bart's to St. Kitts. We'll be trying to catch them next season!

Rahel (or was it Marco?) sent us that beautiful photo on the right yesterday when I was grousing about not having a place to work onboard. They created this little work table below the large fold-down table that you can see above it. Brilliant!

Check out Habibi's blog, which always has beautiful photos:
and Facebook page:

Thanks, Rahel and Marco, for the table idea -- and for sending traffic to this blog from yours.


  1. Ah, St Kitts. I miss Wilbur, the drunk monkeys and staying above a beach bar. Sigh.

    They should get the cab driver Christian Rameshwar to take them on an island tour. He is nice and a good guide. They can contact him at rummustdrink@yahoo.com . Tell them to ask him about the time he gave a tour to Dr. Ruth. I think she kept him laughing so much he was hurting for the rest of the day.

  2. That little IPY computer desk is one of my IP creations from 2007 when I lived aboard working on a new online degree from Drexel University. Here is the original idea from 2007..
    And here is where I build www.IPYOA.com using that desk.
    You really need to make one of these, they work so well!