Sunday, April 15, 2012


Fort Lauderdale, FL 26º6.328N | 80º6.690W

Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful boater's haven yet not so cruiser-friendly. There are precious few anchorages, and even fewer docks where we can leave the dinghy and get on land. Our daily source of adventure is dinghying more than a mile, under bridges, down canals and across the busy ICW, to tie up behind a bar where they charge $10 to dock. Fortunately that $10 can apply to your tab at the bar/restaurant, so any trip to shore must include time for a couple of beers or a bite to eat.

To get out of our anchorage, we have to pass under low-slung bridges, made easier but less fun at low tide.

Friday we went to several happy hours in remote locations, driven by a fun Kiwi (New Zealander) that we met through cruising friends. We had a grand time right up until midnight when he dropped us off at our dinghy on his way to another party.

We're still looking for a slip to rent. Our favorite is behind this 'house.'

Yes, it's a castle, built out of coral. Adorable. 800 square feet. Beautiful slip too, but a little expensive for us. :-(

So we stay for free at anchor, ditching under bridges, drinking our dockage fees, meeting lovely sailors from all over the world.

Our first cockpit part included Alejandro, a pilot and maraca player from Venezuela (that's his stunning boat at the top), Martin, a former tugboat captain from The Netherlands, and Jackie and Robin, former Merrill Lynch execs from England.

Great adventures in Fort Lauderdale -- and we're just getting started!

Alejandro, captain of S/V Janley shown at the top of this post.
S/Y Blackthorn built from a blank hull by Robin & Jackie.

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