Thursday, April 26, 2012


Fort Lauderdale, FL

The crew of British S/V Black Thorn hail from England. They love to laugh, and they name their boats after ingredients in gin, the last one Juniper. How could you not love that? Jackie and Robin proclaim themselves 'chickens' about sailing, but I don't believe them. They got their chops sailing in the challenging waters off the coast of England and made a transatlantic passage from England to Trinidad before meandering up this way. It's just as hard to believe Jackie's claim to being a hard-nosed, shoulder-pad-wearing insurance exec in London, trying to tame Robin, who is a former cow farmer with a degree from Oxford.

They are welcome to bring their jolly, country-farmhouse-owning selves aboard Cara Mia any time. It was a pleasure to share Lake Sylvia with them. They are Bahama-bound, so watch for them over there!

Black Thorn had just sailed away when I looked at Facebook:

What are the chances? With a party afoot, we yanked up the anchor and headed for a place that wouldn't require a massive dinghy ride and would give us easy access to nighttime activities.

Unfortunately the tides, currents and bridge openings were a Rubik's cube without a solution Monday. The ride had a few undesirable thrills, but we landed safely if not a little rattled at Downtown Docks, a beautiful stop and right next to:

Farmer, of Outer Banks Boarding Company and Farmdog Surf School, was on his way to Costa Rica with his Aussie friend Aaron for a week of surfing. We added a certain je ne c'est quoi to their journey by letting them sleep aboard Cara Mia. Facebook comes to life!

Our new song: Friday night people at a Monday night bar.

Could you anchor just a little closer? Might as well raft up.
Palm trees make me happy.
Dinghy musings.

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