Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Coconut Grove, Miami, FL 25º43.532N | 80º14.193W

Is this too close? Tight quarters on the mooring balls in Coconut Grove.
Coconut Grove released us in only nine days, a record for us. Fort Lauderdale calls -- and beautiful conditions for an offshore sail.

We attempted to outsmart the wind and tides to get a smooth trek through both inlets, 20 miles apart. With a little math, we decided to slip out Government Cut early afternoon, shooting for the Fort Lauderdale inlet at slack tide around 6.

I got my ponytail on...

...and then drove through the gauntlet of Miami traffic to the inlet, where Chip's sister Bonnie was finally at her condo to see us pass.

Bonnie looking at us:

Us looking back:

She's on the 17th floor.
And then we headed into a beautiful day of sailing with flat, calm seas and light wind from the EAST! (We were headed north/northeast.) When I daydream about sailing offshore, it's exactly like this. Unfortunately they are rare as a flattering swimsuit.

We took our time and relished every second, although I did fall down once. ? The sea was so calm, I let my guard down. I was standing in the cockpit taking this picture:

A random little wave sent the boat rolling once, and the cockpit bench just jumped up to meet me. I caught myself with my arm and wrenched my shoulder and neck. Oops. My bad. The photo kind of makes the point about how silly it was to fall on this day.

We sailed the whole way and reached Fort Lauderdale just a wee bit early, but the inlet was smoooooth. The only bridge we had to go under was a little tight for comfort, but the bridge tender was enjoying rush hour, and asked us to have a go.

Our height is 55' plus antennas.
I watched nervously as we passed under, but I always think we're going to hit, even if there's 65' of clearance.

See what I mean?
We ghosted on skinny water and anchored in beautiful Lake Sylvia.

Get to Fort Lauderdale. Done.

Our swanky new neighborhood.

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